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         Soy Lecithin

Description - Lecithin is a naturally occurring group of phospholipids found in nearly every living thing. Lecithin has long been recognized as a lipophilic emulsifier. However, through specific modification techniques, soy lecithin functionalities now include: release, wetting, dispersion, lubrication, sprayability, and ease of handling in dry powder form.

Ultimate Source offers the complete line of Solae Lecithins: Standard Fluid, Refined Fluid, Deoiled Powders and Granules.

All Solae Lecithins are Kosher approved.

Solec™ F (formerly Centrolex® F) (6450) - Dry, De-oiled lecithin. A food grade, light tan or yellow in color, fine lecithin powder having a 97%A.I. minimum. Solec™ F has no carriers or diluents, and has a very bland flavor and odor. It is oil soluble and water dispersible. The dry form makes the product convenient and easy to handle without pumps or liquid equipment.

Solec™ F is an extremely versatile natural emulsifier having an approximate HLB of 7. It can be use to control fat in cooked ground meat products (chili, mexican food fillings); in frostings it acts in combination with polysorbate to provide excellent emulsification and air entrapment; in baked goods, it will improve dough machinability. Solec™ F can be used in all products where a dry form or a low flavor profile is required.

Oil/Water emulsifier, release agent, viscosity modifier, and wetting agent.

Labeling: Soy Lecithin or Lecithin
Pack: 44.1lb. Bag in box; 18 boxes/pallet (793.8lbs. net).
Product has a shelf life of two years from date of manufacture in the original, unopened container.

Solec™ G (formerly Centrolex® G) (6470) - Same product as Solec™ F with silicon dioxide added to prevent caking. Preferred in hot and humid working conditions.
Labeling: Soy Lecithin, Silicon Dioxide (to prevent caking).
Pack: 44.1lb. Bag in box.

Solec™ R (formerly Centrolex® R) (6430) - Dry, De-oiled lecithin granules.
Labeling: Soy Lecithin or Lecithin
Pack: 44.1lb. Bag in box.

Solec™ RG Granules (formerly Centrolex RG Granules)(6540) - Dry, De-oiled lecithin granules packed in vacuum sealed, pull top cannisters especially for sale in health food stores.
Pack: 14oz. can; 12 cans/case.

Solec™ 8120 (formerly Precept™ 8120)- Hydroxylated soy lecithin; Dry, De-oiled. Good in low Ph application (below 4). Highly effective wetting agent and oil in water emulsifier. Improve rollability, extensibility, and shelf life of flour tortillas; Improve self rising pizza crust; Control hydration of fatty/hydrophobic powders; Solubilize and disperse oil soluble materials like colors and flavors in aqueous systems; Formulate water based release products; Retard separation and improve emulstion stability in pourable salad dressings; Oil Soluble, Water Dispersible.
Labeling: Hydroxylated Soy Lecithin
Pack: 44.1lb. Bag in box.

Solec™ 8140 (formerly Precept™ 8140) - Heat resistant, water dispersible, essentiall oil free lecithin powder. Excellent wetting agent and oil-in-water emulsifier. Speciall processed to offer maximum heat resistance for release formulations. Will not develop burned odor, color or taste associated with traditional lecithin release agents at high heat.
Labeling: Soy lecithin

Solec™ 8160 (formerly Precept™ 8160) - Enzyme modified soy lecithin; Dry, De-oiled. Extends shelf life of baked goods; Provides smoothness in starch based sauces and puddings; Controls stickiness during dehydration of potatoes; Oil Soluble, Water Dispersible.
Labeling: Enzyme Modified Soy Lecithin
Pack: 44.1lb. Bag in box.

Solec™ E (formerly Centromix® E) (6230) - a fluid, food grade, light amber, medium viscosity blend of lecithin, ehtoxylated mono-diglycerides and propylene glycol. These surfactants have been specially combined to be a highly water dispersible oil-in-water emulsifier (HLB is 12), and wetting agent for high fat powders. Very good for belt release.
Labeling: Soy Lecithin (with Ethoxylated Mono-diglycerides and Propylene Glycol), although Lecithin is generally considered as the common and usual name for soy lecithin.
Pack: 450lb./55gal drum.

Solec™ C (formerly Centrophase® C) (6002)- A food grade, bland, light amber, highly filtered, clear and brilliant, low viscosity, refined fluid lecithin. It is sprayable (1500cp max) wetting and release agent for flavor sensitive foods. As an instantizing agent, it controls the hydration rate of hydrophilic powders; as a release agent it provides good solubility in pump and aerosol type formulations. The low viscosity allows ease of blending in both cold and warm oil. Effective water-in-oil emulsifier (HLB 4) for a wide variety of oils.
Pack: 420lb. Drum

Solec™ HR [Heat Resistant](formerly Centrophase® HR) (6008)- A food grade, yellow, highly filtered, refined fluid lecithin used for release and emulsification. As a release agent, Centrophase HR will maintain its clear yellow color and resist darkening even when exposed to temperatures of 350F. Will not develop the burned odor, color or taste associated with traditional oil-based lecithin release agents. Used as an emulsifier, it is more water dispersible (HLB 7-8) than standard grade lecithins.
Pack: 420lb. drum.

• Guidelines for Maintaining Freshness of Deoiled Lecithins
Shelf Life - 12 months from the date of manufacture in the original, unopened container.

Storage Temperature - Deoiled lecithin should be stored at a temperature between 60 - 75F.

Avoid Exposure to Light - Deoiled lecithin should be stored in a sealed, opaque container. Prolonged contact to light will shorten the shelf life of deoiled lecithin. Reseal partially used containers.

Avoid Moisture and Oxygen - Use dry, moisture-tight, air-tight materials when packaging de-oiled lecithin. Flushing with an inert gas during packaging will help. Package in a humidity controlled environment to minimize moisture pickup.

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